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Double Cat Portrait: Dylan and Creme Brule

I just recently finished a very challenging double portrait. I was given unlimited time, so that eased some of the stress. This was perhaps the longest portrait, taking 5 months to complete. Never tell an artist to take all the time they need!! However, it was great because it allowed space to sit back from the painting and really look at it before going back at it.

So I went to Dylan and CB’s residence to take some photos of them in situ. Dylan was not feeling tip-top, dealing with a virus of some sort and thus on medication. But she was quite amiable to being photographed as was CB. Both have very elven features and beautiful coats. Dylan is a Japanese Bobtail “dilute calico”. I’m not entirely sure what CB’s breed is, but they were similar but with different coloring.

At first it was hard for their momma to decide whether to have two separate portraits or one. We finally decided on one after I provided sketches based on her favorite images I’d taken of them:



Creme Brulee
Creme Brule

Sketch from images we'd been considering

Sketch from images we’d been considering

Sketch using her favored images combined

Sketch using her favored images combined

Once the sketch had been approved I could dive into the painting – my favorite part.

I start by laying in general areas of color and getting their body shapes defined:

4 building up layers

Then I add in more dramatic color tones in shadow areas that I will mellow out with subsequent layers:

3 base colors

I ended up playing around a lot with the flooring to see what would work best. Dylan and CB’s mom said she had a preference for a soft painting style and mellow mood, so I decided that a lighter color around them, ie a beige carpet, would work best. It was challenging to create the carpet texture . I played with it quite a bit before it felt right. I ended up leaving quite  a bit of blue tone in the shadows to offset their coloring. And here it is:

Final image

Final image

Let me know what you think!



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