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Coco’s Portrait

I was engaged recently to do a portrait of Coco, a lovely shih tzu. I was given the luxury of as much time as I needed which is always lovely and enjoyable for me! All told this probably took about two months to complete.

This is Coco:

I drew a few sketched in pencil to warm up and then painted directly on the canvas with black and grey tones:

Once the outline and shadows were there, I started to fill in the background. My client had seen a commission I had done earlier of a dog named Gurgi  sitting in grass and thought she’d like to have Coco doing the same.

Here I began to add colour, but as you will see, there is still a lot of room for changes:

In order for Coco to look more realistic and less cartoon, I then started to fill in her fur tones, eliminating the black lines:

Here she comes! This is my favorite part where the painting starts to take on a life-like feel:

I made the decision at this point to eliminate any sky; I wanted Coco to have an unlimited expanse of grass to frolic in. My imagination roamed as I painted and I saw her in a park with bushes and warm golden sunlight. This is the result:

At this point, I was fairly happy with the outcome but wanted in put from Coco’s owner. I sent an email asking for final approval or additional changes. Some coloring of her fur in the rear needed adjustment as well as the focus of her eyes. A few tweaks, and we’re done!



I had a lot of fun painting Coco. I hope Coco’s portrait is enjoyed for years to come!



One comment on “Coco’s Portrait

  1. vieveandlynsker
    October 2, 2012

    What a sweet dog and great job on the portrait — you are so good at capturing the personality!

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