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Thinking About Christmas Yet?

I’ve had a lot of wonderful folks walk by my booth at the local farmer’s market the last couple of Saturdays expressing interest in commissioning a pet portrait but not quite ready to commit. The sun is shining, it’s quite hot, thoughts of winter let alone Christmas are far from anyone’s mind. It only just occurred to me the other day that in order for anyone to have a pet portrait  ready for Christmas, they would need to commission it ASAP!

Little known fact: it takes me approximately 2 months to complete and deliver a commission! So a commission started today would take us into November! That’s getting close.

So folks, if you are reading this blog because you picked up my card and have serious thoughts about commissioning a painting in time for Christmas, do it now because my time slots will be filling up soon! I would hate to have to disappoint by having to tell you a commission can’t be completed in time if you ask in December.

If you’re still on the fence about such an investment consider this:

Pet portrait commission: $250

A dinner for two at Jole restaurant in Calistoga: $210

An amazingly cheap flight within the US: $250 (plus baggage charges etc!)

Median price for an ipad: $400

One trip to Costco- easily $200!

A designer handbag WAY more than $250!

A meal will last for a few hours, fashion changes every season, an ipad will be outdated in a year, a flight is over in a few hours, but a pet portrait will last a life-time and beyond!



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