sharolyn's pet portraits

one of a kind pet portraits


Rovi is my parents’ puppy…well not a puppy anymore, but you know what I mean. She is then, technically my sister. I’d been meaning to do a portrait of her for quite some time. I think my sister (my human one) actually sent me the photo I chose to work from. I had a few I’d taken myself and so it was hard to choose a pose. She’s just so darn cute, not matter what she’s doing. But I figured, the pose we’re most familiar with is the one where she lays prone on the floor, making a snoring sound but with her eyes wide open, looking around her, alert for any hint of a food hand-out.

original photograph

The original photo has a very yellow or “tungsten” colour to it. Luckily I know Rovi fairly well, so I could work from memory when it came to her actual fur colour.


Since the image is mostly light tones, I decided to start from the shadow details and work light. Note, the initial underpainting is a rough sketch. As you can probably see, the snout dimensions are a bit long, but these details get worked out and readjusted as the painting progresses.

My favourite portrait style is odd angles and a plain, mat background to highlight the form of the pet. In this one, an entirely mat background didn’t quite fit because it left Rovi sort of lying/floating in space awkwardly. So I decided to add in just a hint of floor detail, while keeping the colour non-representational. This is the final result:

the finished piece



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